Buddy System offers the following services, in addition to our scholastic services: Teacher Placements Educational Outreach Corporate Training

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Buddy System offers the following services, in addition to our scholastic services:



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Our Teacher Placement Service provides headhunter services to schools and finds teachers for your school.

You need the right people with the right skills - What's more, you need them right now!

Our vast tutor resources generated by our database is a fast and easy way to reach needed teachers. We provide instant access to teachers with expertise in specific fields such as English, Biology or Algebra, etc. Our Teacher Placement Service will save you time and money when you need to find that teacher! We can provide:
Immediate replacements
Seasonal teachers
Hard-to-fill teacher positions
The selected teacher will become your employee

When using our service, a small finder’s fee is required as compensation to Buddy System for finding the teacher you need.

We pride ourselves on being very EASY to work with. We provide a quick response time tailored to your specific needs.

Please contact us directly for more information.



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The Buddy System's Educational Outreach Program was inspired by founders Kim Hartley and Stephanie Ashe's passion for helping families and the community.

After interpreting hundreds of student profiles over the years, we developed our seminars to help parents learn how to play a strategic role in their student's skill building and academic success. Around here, we call it, "homework for parents."

"Parent as Advocate", is a non-profit seminar tailored to schools and family groups.

"Parent are Teachers, Too"
, is a brown-bag seminar offered for family friendly companies and associations.

Each program is fun, interactive, custom tailored to the group and includes:
Six steps and practical strategies for your students school success
How to identify your child's approach to a challenge - and how you can help!
Evaluate your child's school foundation - is it on solid or shaky ground?
The Buddy System's "Eight Ways to Better Grades"

Our outreach programs have been presented at corporations (Gap, Sprint, Autodesk) and schools (St. Matthew's Episcopal, Riordan, Clifford School, Zion Lutheran, Lincoln Elementary) across California.

We'd love to present our seminar at your school or corporation! Contact us today to find out more.



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We are proud to offer our results driven, on-site and web-based training for leading corporations across the country! Our courses are custom fit for your group or department and conveniently located on your site. Some of our success stories have included Wells Fargo*, Genentech and UCSF Medical Center.

Our trainers are the best of the breed! Each instructor is a professional in their field and provides a practical, interactive and engaging forum for learning.

Our courses focus on the business challenges of today and are designed to meet the increasing demands of tomorrow.
Here are some of our most popular courses:
Effective Business Writing
Time Management
Customer Service Opportunities
Speed Reading for Business
Speaking & Presentation Skills
Coaching Skills for Managers
Consultative Sales
Selling for Non-Salespeople
Diversity Training
Computer Training

For more information please visit our dedicated training site

*TBS is not an authorized Wells Fargo vendor.




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